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Thursday, 22 February 2018
BRR Media: Interview from the 121 Mining Conference, Cape Town with CEO Philip Reese
Wednesday, 7 February 2018
121 Mining Conference Cape Town Presentation
Tuesday, 23 January 2018
Manas to acquire gold projects in Cote d'Ivoire

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Environmental Management

We aim to minimise our impact on the environment through ensuring compliance with Kyrgyz legislation and international standards, conducting our works according to the framework established by ISO14001. Incorporating ISO14001 environmental management system requirements ensures the Environmental Management System will meet internationally accepted and measurable standards of quality.

Our Environmental Commitment

The Project requires responsible environmental planning for the life of the mine and we are committed to ensuring the mine safety during the construction, operational stages of the mine and after it closes, as well as reducing and managing the potential environmental impacts of mining & associated activities on the environment. Our environmental commitments include, but are not limited to: 

  • preventing pollution, protecting the environment, and preventing any harm to the community's health;
  • implementing effective water management and minimize potential impacts on the local water bodies;
  • employing the world’s best practices to minimize the impacts of noise, dust and vibration from the mine workings on the community;
  • implementing ongoing environmental monitoring programs;
  • developing contingency plans to ensure impacts from potential incidents are minimized; and
  • implementing a progressive rehabilitation program for disturbed land and managing mine closure effectively to optimize land utilization for the benefits of the local community beyond mine closure.

We work in partnership with the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic’s state and district and local administrations, local communities, NGO’s and others to ensure we act on our commitments.

Environmental Impact Assessment

An Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and in country Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) are being developed for the Shambesai Gold Mine and will be available for public comment in late 2013. Manas Resources has been conducting various socio-economic and environmental baseline studies of Shambesai project since 2010. More comprehensive studies have been undertaken in and around the Shambesai Gold project site since 2012 adhering to scopes of works developed in accordance with World Bank guidelines. The aim of these baseline studies is to evaluate the current environmental conditions, cultural heritage and social and economic status in the Shambesai prospect and surrounding areas within the Isfairamsai License. Fieldworks are carried out by independent national experts and overseen by experienced international consultants. The reports of the baseline studies, once finalized will be made available to government agencies, schools, public and other key stakeholders for comment. 

Studies conducted include a:

  • Summer and Winter Flora & Fauna survey, 
  • Tangible Cultural Heritage survey,
  • Intangible Cultural Heritage Survey, 
  • Soil survey,
  • Surface Water & Stream Sediments survey, 
  • Air Quality study,
  • Noise and Vibration study, 
  • Traffic study,
  • Socio-Economic study and 
  • Radiation monitoring.

Environmental Programs and Monitoring

The company conducts ongoing environmental monitoring programs for air, soil, water, noise, and vibration so environmental risks can be clearly identified and properly managed. Monitoring will be carried out on a regular basis during the construction stage, and throughout the life of the mine and closure period.  Environmental monitoring is conducted by trained and suitably qualified specialists. Community members are always encouraged to take part in the monitoring process from sampling to lab analysis. 

Environmental Awareness

Through 2012 a Shambesai Project and environmental awareness campaign commenced.  The aim of the campaign is to help the community understand the Project and proposed measures to manage potential environmental impacts, promote environmental awareness and develop local community capacity through increased access to information.

The company has also worked to develop materials describing current mining practices and the more efficient and safer gold mining technologies that can be introduced. 

 Awareness materials for the public include but are not limited to;

  • Posters & leaflets: Describing the proposed Shambesai operations & closure and how the mine will be designed in the valley system and the preliminary plans for rehabilitation at closure;
  • School Booklet: describing the uses of gold, mining process and how we can mine gold safely;
  • Best practices in modern mining;
  • Report on Cyanide Use in Gold Mining: an independent report on facts of Cyanide use in Gold mining, completed by Oxus International;
  • Articles: published by researchers working on baseline studies; and
  • Monthly newsletters reporting on the current environmental work progress and the Company’s response to the community’s environmental concerns and feedback.


Manas Resources was awarded the Green Award from International Business Council for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility (14 December 2012). 

Manas' Environment Policy (English)

Manas' Environment Policy (Kyrgyz)

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